Ceramic Glass Replacement Schott Robax Stove Glass in  Northern ireland
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SCHOTT ROBAX® Ceramic Glass Northern Ireland

An extremely heat-resistant, transparent glass ceramic that can be produced in a wide
variety of shapes and sizes to meet your specific fireplace or stove.

We offer your family a Warm & Safe solution : thanks to its extremely low thermal expansion, ROBAX® glass ceramic is not affected by extremely high temperatures or substantial temperature shifts and differences.

ROBAX® has thus proved a reliable window for room heating devices such as fireplaces and stoves for more than 40 years. Onlookers can enjoy the dancing flames and cozy warmth, are protected from flying sparks, and make optimum use of energy through targeted regulation of incoming air and flue gas.

 Over 75 million ROBAX® fire viewing panels have been sold in 35 years and have made SCHOTT a leading manufacturer of heat-resistant, transparent materials.

What is the Warm and Safe Promise and What does it Mean to the Individual?

It lets consumers enjoy the sight, sound, and warmth of their fire with the security that only SCHOTT ROBAX® can provide.

What does Warm Mean?

SCHOTT ROBAX® glass ceramic can withstand temperatures up to 1400° F (760° C).  This allows for the fire to burn hotter, which transfers through the glass ceramic into the room.
  • “Warm”: excellent view of the dancing flames and a cozy feeling of warmth guaranteed by a high transparency.

What does Safe Mean?

  • Due to SCHOTT ROBAX® low thermal expansion, the glass ceramic can receive quick fluctuations in temperature without breaking.
  • SCHOTT ROBAX® can withstand temperatures up to 1400° F (760° C) without breaking.
  • SCHOTT ROBAX® can be used as an important component in the system to keep negative effects of fire (sparks, smoke, etc) out and the air quality in the room clean.
  • “Safe”: best security against the “dangers” of the fire due to an unbeatable temperature resistance, high stability and durability.
  • SCHOTT ROBAX® is the only glass solution for high heat applications like wood and pellet burning stoves and fireplaces
  • SCHOTT ROBAX® allows for greater heat transmission. Since the glass has a high temperature resistance it lets the fire burn hotter, which transfers through the glass into the room.
  • SCHOTT ROBAX® is a material that has close to zero thermal expansion. The glass ceramic allows for large localized temperature gradients and quick temperature fluctuations without breaking.
  • SCHOTT ROBAX® glass-ceramic protects against abrasions, impacts and strikes. This gives the particularly sturdy SCHOTT ROBAX® fireplace viewing panels  above-average resistance to bumps and breakage.
  • A fireplace with glass-ceramic reaches much higher temperatures than an open fireplace, so wood burns almost free of particulate matter. And this energy vector is put to efficient use – our contribution to protecting the environment. Closed fireplaces with SCHOTT ROBAX® produce up to 25% more heat and use up to 40% less wood when compared to open systems.


Replacement broken Flat glass for coal and wood burning stoves in Northern Ireland

Stove glass Replacment Wood burning stove glass in Derry city Northern ireland ireland
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stove glass Replacement broken Flat glass for coal and wood burning stoves in Northern IrelandOften glass for a stove fire panel will be available as an off the shelf item, however not all stove manufacturers supply glass spares for all their stoves as some are discontinued. Stove glass bought from the stove manufacturer can often be very expensive. We offer next day delivery to any part of Northern Ireland & The Republic of Ireland, carefully packaged using environmentally friendly recycled packaging and usually delivered by courier intact, ready to fit to modern or traditional cast iron stoves.

Stove glass cut to any size and specification, we use the be
st heat resistant glass on the market from Scott Robax the industry leader in heat resistant glass.To order replacement glass for your stove  Call us on 02871 357 444, or e-mail us and we’ll call you back!

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