No one want this to ever happen but if it does APG can help you pick up all the pieces

  1. Don’t panic.
  2. Don’t take risks – never enter your house after a break in unless you are positive it is safe and any intruder has left. Find help – perhaps a neighbour can take you in.
  3. Call the Police Immediately – Never use your home phone, this may destroy any evidence the police may need ( i.e. finger prints).
  4. Try not to touch anything – leave everything as you found it.
  5. Board-up broken windows and doors – you need to make your home safe. Call APG we can help.
  6. Change the locks – or fit your home with extra locks. Your home may now be an easy target.
  7. Make a list – of what has been stolen.
  8. Make two copies – of your burglary list. One for you. One for your insurance company.
  9. Call your insurance company – you must report your burglary so that you can make a claim.
  10. Prevent another break-in – you may wish to fit stronger or more locks or any other security systems.
  11. Call us on: 07809525057 for our 24/7 emergency call out team