Gas Filled Insulated Glazing United In Northern Ireland

All Purpose Glazing, Based in Derry City, Northern Ireland  have now introduced the use of argon gas, with measurable improvement in thermal performance. Argon Gas Argon is a noble, inert gas which is inexpensive, nontoxic, nonreactive, clear, and odorless. It is a naturally produced gas which is already present in the air we breathe. Furthermore, Argon […]

Misted Up Units?

Here at APG we can combat misted windows by replacing the glass and install these professionally to  ensure they are properly sealed. Reasons For Double Glazing Brake Down: The weather is the main reason for a sealed unit to fail and you will probably find the units on the south facing side of your property will […]

The Benifits of Secondary Glazing

Secondary glazing is another window fitted on the inside of an existing window, with soaring energy prices this is increasingly popular as it offers the following benefits: Reduces heat loss Decreases noise pollution Eliminates draughts Secondary glazing can be fitted to any property – new build or old and Heritage Glass offera number of systems […]

Creating Glass Features For Your Home Or Business

we work closely alongside Pilkington Glass, supplying their bespoke products to customers throughout  Ireland and the UK, helping make homes and workplaces beautiful with unique and excellent quality glass features. There are many different ways glass can be used to enhance its surroundings in a smart and innovative way. The benefits of using glass features […]