Manufacture to your own specifications of double & triple glazing, insulated glazing units (IGU’s).

Single glazing has largely disappeared from most households, substituted for double glazing which is widely regarded as being the expected norm amongst homeowners. The insulating cavity created within the two panes of glass utilised in double glazing manufacture is the key ingredient that puts it on a far greater pedestal than single glazing, in addition to the actual glass itself and a whole host of other vital components. Double glazed windows can even be upgraded to energy efficient A-rated windows when stipulated.

As we have control over the superior components that go into manufacturing of the glazed unit. This gives us an advantage which we want to pass on to our customers in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Double Glazing uses two panes of glass with a space between the panes to form a unit, air is trapped between the panes and acts as an effective layer of insulation this will also have a superior effect on sound levels than a single pane. In order to remain effective it is important that no moisture within the unit and it is kept airtight.

During Ireland’s cold winters without Double Glazing it is likely that the amount of heat lost from a building will be as much as 60% through the single paned windows. The provision of Double Glazing significantly reduces the amount of heat lost. Therefore less money needs to be spent on heating. As a result the fuel saved can overtime pay for the cost of the Double Glazing.

Options when constructing your double glazed unit where are many factors to consider:

Oversize IGU’s

All Purpose glazing have the facility to provide over sized glazed units in a variety of finishes and specifications up to 6 metres in length by 3 metres in height. We can also supply structural silicone glazed units where the customer requires the ‘frameless’ glazed effect so popular due to programmes such as Grand Designs.