Made To Measure

Many windows in older traditional properties are out of square – in most cases these can be fitted with standard secondary double glazing by shaping of the timber sub frame and the use of bespoke finishing trims.

where this is not possible, we can manufacture the secondary glazing windows out of square.

Both modern and old windows and doors often have decorative arches, curves and shapes. It is important to match these often unique features with the lines of the internal secondary glazing. to achieve this, we have the facilities to curve and bend sections as well as the expertise to produce angled secondary windows additionally, we work with all sorts of specialist glasses and apply film to glass for security, tinting, etc

Secondary Glazing For Listed Buildings

Listed properties often still have the original old single glazed windows, which provide very poor sound and heat insulation. If you wish to make any alteration or improvements to your property, Listed Building Consent is required, and will not normally be permitted for replacement windows and doors. However, fitting secondary glazing on the inside of your windows is a very popular and cost effective solution for owners of Listed buildings, especially since it is recommended by the Heritage Foundation and the Listed Property Owners Club. Installing secondary glazing is considered a reversible alteration, that is unobtrusive to your windows and will conserve the exterior character of the period property.

Our secondary glazing is widely accepted as the correct one to use in any listed building situation because of it’s high specification and very slim-lines. With an extensive range of styles to suite any windows and many different glass options for improved heat insulation, sound proofing and security.  we offer the full RAL colour range for frame finishes as well as other woodgrain and special paint finishes that can match the existing or proposed decor or create a special effect.

Bespoke Secondary Glazing

We also produce, or modify our existing product range, to suit customer’s specifications – because of the setting up costs this is generally only feasible for larger commercial secondary glazing contracts. If you have any special requirements please talk to us about them – we will always do our best to help you achieve cost effective, practical, functional secondary glazing solutions Come to our show room at the Glass works, Skeoge industrial estate Derry City Northern Ireland and have a look at these in person or contact us today on 02871 357 444.