Glazing measures can either mitigate the effects from a blast threat by reducing the number of fragments entering the room, or by remaining in the frame the glass will shield and absorb the blast damage.

95% of all injuries from a bomb are caused by flying or falling glass, the quality of glazing protection is important. CPNI.

Damage caused by bomb blasts will be exacerbated by the effects and injury caused with flying glass shards. Our Blast Resistant Glass is a laminated safety glass designed to absorb the explosive force and remain in one piece in its original position.

Depending on the anticipated level of protection required we can produce enhanced laminated blast resistant glass. We have several different processes that can increase the level of protection offered. Where window  pane dimensions are large, of approximately 1.5m by 1.2m then the  thicknesses for DGUs should be increased as the larger pane will require thicker composite interlayers.

Protective measures:
Architectural Blast Resistant Glazing.
Blast resistant Glazed Façades

Glazing system that utilises mullion and transom sections to form a glazing support structure, or where clear glazing lines are required, glass bonded to an internal frame or utilising a fixed point glazing system. If blast resistance is required the façade and support system must be appropriately designed and must be checked by façade designers competent in the field of blast design.

Blast Resistant Fixed point glazing

Glazing system that utilises Fixed point, or planar glazing, is increasingly used for commercial buildings and shop fronts where architects want to reduce the visual impact of any support system.

The glasses performance depends on the frame type and method of fixing which combine to ensure that the specified performance is achieved.For further information please contact us on 02871 357 444 or drop us an email and we will get back to you with our recommendations based on our many years of experience and industry knowledge.

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