Hand-crafted bevelled glass pieces shaped and polished glass facets.  

Ideal for Creating a feature on privacy glass, while allowing natural light to fill a room, each piece is bonded to the glass surface giving a stunning three dimensional effect that can if required be combined with decorative coloured glass and lead lines or lead overlay. By combining Overlay Stained Glass film with real glass bevels and natural lead strip, we can create amazing feature glass for use in homes, bars, restaurants or anywhere a focal point is desired.

Fully Beveled Glass Panels.

Fully Beveled Glass Panels are those in which 100% of the individual glass pieces in the door panel have beveled edges to provide the maximum amount of brilliance and sparkle.

Bevel Cluster Glass Panels.

Our Bevel Cluster panels offer beveled glass center groupings or “clusters” of quality hand beveled clear glass pieces, which we combine with crystal obscure glass backgrounds and borders. This combination affords maximum beauty and privacy. Click here to see the types of textured glass used in these cluster panels.

Custom Decorative Applications:


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