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Georgian wire polished plate Wired Glass- Fire resistant glazing in Derry City Ireland

We stock traditional wired glass.    

Wired Glass is a monolithic  glass. It offers reliable, integrity only, fire-resistant glazing in a range of applications, including doors, screens and overhead glazing. It can also be used in a variety of internal and external applications for vision or privacy purposes. Wired glass has a good track record in fire testing, offers exceptional value for money.

Wire glass as the name suggests is glass incorporating a metal lattice of 12.5mm squares embedded in its centre. This composite construction produces characteristics beneficial to security as the wire holds the fragments together should the glass be broken, reducing the chance of injury caused by falling glass only.

Wired glass is a type of glass into which a wire mesh is embedded during production. Wired glass has an impact resistance similar to that of normal glass, but in case of breakage, the mesh retains the pieces of glass. This product is traditionally accepted as a low-cost fire-resistant glass.

The glass may crack under heat or impact but will maintains its integrity in position even when badly damaged thus can be classed as fire resistant glass as it discouraging draughts and preventing the spread of flames. It can have a fire rating up to one hour when glazed within a suitable fire rated frame. These can be made out of hardwood, aluminium or steel.Wired Glass- Fire resistant glazing in Derry City Ireland fire rated glass

A fire integrity only product, it can restrict the spread of flames and hot gases for up to 120 minutes when incorporated into a suitably tested or previously assessed fire rated insulating glazing unit. It is available in both clear and textured versions.

Wired glass can provide good resistance to the passage of flames and smoke, it is significantly weaker than ordinary tempered or laminated glass and can be more dangerous upon impact however these will not provide fire resistance. Therefor for clear fire resistant glass please see our specialist fire glass product ranges.

Impact Safe Wired Glass- Fire resistant & Impact resistant safety glass.

The Safety versions are ideal for use in applications subject to impact resistance regulations such as B of the Building Regulations (for England and Wales).

7mm GWPP clear (Georgian wired polished plate )

A non-insulated clear wired glass, for internal or external use, with a 30 minute integrity fire rating.


7mm GWC texture (Georgian wired cast )
Wired Glass- georgian wire rough cast textured glass Derry City Ireland fire rated glass

A non-insulated obscure wired glass, for internal or external use, with a 30 minute integrity fire rating. With thin square wires running through the centre. This type of glass can be used in most frames including fire doors and screens. It is also often used in glazed roofs. When broken the wires hold the glass together making this an excellent safety glass.

Some wired glass applications:

Wired glass forms only part of a fire resistant system – it is the responsibility of the user to ensure that the system as a whole satisfies current regulations. It is also necessary to obtain the system approvals from the appropriate authorities. We offer a range of products, services and glass types. If you want to contact us to discuss how we can help you. 




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