The Internal Georgian Georgian bars add character to high performance double glazed units

The high quality aluminium flat shaped bar is housed between the panels of glass in the double glazed unit, selected to be the same colour as the window frame and constructed into a complimentary design to match the character of your home.  looking like a Georgian style but unlike a traditional Georgian window there is only one pane of glass to clean. So, while you’re adding the character of these bars, you will also benefit from the easy cleaning and maintenance of your new windows.  By retrofitting high performance Georgian bar double glazing you are  enhancing the look of your home, improving the thermal performance of your windows while retaining the ease of cleaning and maintenance to your windows and doors, as they are out of dust reach.

Georgian Bars in double glazed units are used to give the effect of multiple small pains of glass.

Georgian Bar windows offer a versatile double glazing type which is perfect for older properties or homes that like to have a distinctive  window frame, resembling the patterns that were common on authentic Georgian houses which is why the Georgian Bar windows are so popular within older homes. 

All Purpose Glazing offers one of the largest ranges of Internal Georgian Bars and grille which are available in a multitude of sizes and differing colors. We make internal grid systems that can be tailor-made to your own design and to fit a specific shape and size of a window. A range of stock patterns are also available.

Retrofitting high performance Georgian bar double glazing  is suitable for any designs to add great character to your property  Georgian bars are available in the colours:

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