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APG have been supplying bespoke cut stove glass service for multi fuel and wood burning stove fire panels glass for stoves to homes and customers across Ireland for many years. We are among the most experienced suppliers of stove glass in Ireland and can supply glass quickly to get your stove back in safe working order.

 Call us with your measurements of the piece of stove glass that you need and we cut it to size for you the same day so you have piece of mind and the security as we only stock the leading stove glass,  the glass that many stove manufacturers install into your stoves originally.

High Temperature Resistant Ceramic Stove Glass. 

Custom Stove Glass Made To Measure, Stove & Wood Burner Spare Glass PartsReplacment Wood burning stove glass in Derry city Northern ireland ireland

If you don’t know the model name, no problem, just let us know the size and we can cut your glass to order.

We supply you with a replacement glass for most makes of stoves. Just give us the measurements of your replacement pane or the make and model of the stove and we will provide a replacement. The fitting process is relatively simple.

Shaped Replacement  Stove Glass Made To Measure supplied throughout UK and Ireland

If your glass is shaped, you are welcome to send us a template and we will get the glass cut to this shape. Please go to our Glass Template page.

Curved Replacement Stove Glass Made To Measure.

There are some makes and models which we will be able to provide replacement  curved glass fire panels for so to make an inquiry  Call us on 02871 357 444, or e-mail us and we’ll call you back.


Fitting Your Replacement Stove  Glass.

How to Fit Replacement cast iron stove glass in Derry city ireland

To seal the glass to the stove door this is relatively simple all you will need either ceramic rope seal. Some times a U-shaped glass channel is used for stoves that use a thinner strip/tape type of seal.

If you are replacing a broken window in your heating appliance, you should determine why the original piece of glass broke. If the door or stove front is warped, then this must be corrected before installing a new piece of glass. Make sure that the channel that receives the glass is clean and free of protrusions that can put uneven pressure on the glass window.

IMPORTANT- our stove Glass is easy to replace in seconds just by loosening the retaining screws holding the glass.

BE CAREFUL NOT TO OVER-TIGHTEN THE RETAINING BRACKETS against the new glass, they do not need to be too tight.

Based in Derry City we are your professional and affordable glass installer, serving across Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Our Showroom and Factory are Located at the Glass works, Skeoge industrial estate Derry City Northern Ireland, we have expanded and developed both our product ranges and glazing capabilities over the years.

Often glass for a stove fire panel will be available as an off the shelf item, however not all stove manufacturers supply glass spares for all their stoves as some are discontinued. Stove glass bought from the stove manufacturer can often be very expensive. We offer next day delivery to any part of Northern Ireland & The Republic of Ireland, carefully packaged using environmentally friendly recycled packaging and usually delivered by courier, ready to fit to modern or traditional cast iron stoves.

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Stove glass cut to any size and specification, we use the best heat resistant glass on the market from Schott Robax the industry leader in heat resistant glass. To order replacement glass for your stove  Call us on 02871 357 444, or e-mail us and we’ll call you back!

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