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Whether you’re a trade or public customer, we cater for all your glass cutting needs. From a state of the art factory our fully trained team have a vast wealth of experience and expertise to provide exactly what you require, offering a quality product, at the most competitive rates available

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Replacement Glass Cut To Size Across Northern Ireland and UK   Stove Glass Cut to Size glass replacement new stove glass UK and Ireland Buy stove glass online cut glass made to measure

There are many different glasses available on the market today for all kinds of applications if by chance we do not have your order in stock, then we will use our trusted network of suppliers to ensure a fast and satisfactory delivery.

If you are not sure about your size requirements then give us a call and we will arrange for one of our fitters to call and measure for you. We will then contact you with our best price. Thus leaving you in peace to make your decision.

Glass Measuring Across Northern Ireland & UK

The standard adopted in the Irish and UK glass industry, is to measure in millimetres (mm). If you measure in Imperial use inches and either one eighth (1/8″) and/or one quarter (1/4″) of an inch. Multiply inches × 25.4 to convert to millimetres. Always give the WIDTH first × HEIGHT second, this is most important for patterned glasses and double glazing units with square/diamond leads, Georgian Grills or Duplex Bars.

Replacement Glass Allowances For Glass Frames

A glazing clearance is normally the tight opening size minus 6mm giving a clearance of 3mm all round. For larger pieces a larger clearance may be necessary. If you are not giving a finished glazing size, you must state this at the time of ordering, unqualified sizes will be taken as the glazing size.

If you need any help at all  then give us a call or we can arrange on of our installers to take all the measurements necessary. We provide this service and stock a wide and diverse spectrum of glass types:

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Glass we stock and supply:                                    Northern ireland Glass and Glazing Glass cut to szie  laminated toughen glass in northern ireland Local glass merchant and processor

No orders are too small for us. Our in-house glass fitting service allows you to bring along the item the glass has to fit into, from cabinet doors, picture frames, framed mirrors, clocks and car wing mirrors etc. From there, we’ll cut and process the glass then fit it for you – job done!

Most orders can be quickly cut to size and ready for your collection or we can arrange to deliver. Complex shapes received by templates or drawings can be electronically digitised and cut on one of our CNC machines.

Contact Us With Your Glass Sizes

Based in Skeoge Business Park, Derry we stock a large Diversity of glassFor assistance with glass and glazing services please Contact us today on 02871 357 444. -or-  E-mail us.