Curved Glass

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Curved Glass is a specialist field and requires experience and a high quality to attention. Our curved glass can be made to precise Curved Glass Ireland Curved staircase glass made to measure in Ireland and UK bespoke glass design toughened glass staircaserequirements and specifications to produce the most beautiful and complex of shapes without compromising optical quality.

Curved glass is made by gradually heating flat glass to above its softening point and letting it mould itself, by gravity, to a concave or convex mould. Once the shaping process is finished, the curved glazing is cooled at a controlled rate to produce a finished product free of internal stress. Curved glass is made using a special manufacturing technique right here in Ireland giving you a high quality finish and the peace of mind when also toughened. Our glass is made to order so we can supply it in small and large areas and have the option to custom order specific curved glass size and thickness throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland. 

Bespoke Curved Glass Design Service

The curved glass mould preparation is a highly skilled process conducted by dedicated fabrication team and involves state of the art laser cutting machines. Every curve requires bespoke tooling and we also have the ability to produce curved glass to templates. We can laminate, print and even double-glaze our curved glass.  For the more creative buyer to incorporate their own design or replicate many more expansive designs. We take pride in delivering complete solutions and working closely with our customer base to ensure complete project satisfaction.

Curved glass is available from in three forms:Northern Ireland Curved Glass staircase glass derry city belfast glass staircases made to measure bespoke curved glass Balustrades and Stairs

Curved Glass Applications

We offer customers in the architectural, transportation, and marine industries the highest quality fabrication of specialty bent glass. But we offer more than just excellent curved glass products. We also excel when it comes to personalized service, prompt delivery, and technical design assistance. Our custom-made curved glass can be used in a variety of applications in different settings, including skylights and overhead glazing, Spiral Staircases laminated glass for shop fronts, curved glass for office windows and bespoke glass for shower screens.

Curved Glass Retail Display Cases & Counter Tops. 

If you own a shop with food display cabinets having a cracked glass cabinet poses a very big health and safety concern as well as also taking away from the ability to display your products or goods to your customers. Don’t leave that curved food display cracked, or if northern ireland Curved glass Patterned Laminated Glass safety glass curved decorative glass interior curved safety glass belfastit’s looking a little old let us replace it for you.

Architectural Curved Glass 

Curved Glass can add beautiful architectural features to your business or home. Allow our team of experts to work with you on the design of your glass feature, whether that be anything from an eye-catching store front or an exquisite staircase railing. Do you have a round staircase at home, let the experts in curved glass bring out the features of this stair case and beautifully present your stair case with a curved glass railing.
Curved Glass Partitions
Curved Glass Fixed screens
Curved Glass Balustrades
Curved Glass Bespoke shower enclosures  

Curved Glass Display Cabinets Repair and Glass Panel Replacement

We understand that problems like cracked display cabinets pose big health and safety concerns, and as such we offer a same day response across Northern Ireland to assess the damage and begin the process of replacing the glass. You can trust All Purpose Glazing to act swiftly and efficiently to get your glass made safe and repaired as soon as possible.  



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Customers’ requirements have top priority for us, so we find tailor-made solutions for private and business customers at very reasonable prices. Our specialists can assist with more creative requests, providing just the right solution for all your glass requirements. We provide comprehensive and highly qualified consultations, from the choice of the type of glass to the processing and finishing in order to meet your needs.

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