Leaded double-glazed units with decorative lead strip overlay create ‘stained glass’ effects in their leaded double glazing units. 

Leading gives windows a traditional, aged look and comes in a variety of designs. Our double glazing can be manufactured to incorporate a decorative lead line. This self-adhesive lead strip is designed to simulate traditional leaded light windows.  There is a wide range of options however the natural lead is the most common as it will react to the weather in the same way as traditional lead.

Natural lead and coated antique colour is the most popular  lead profile, available in 6mm, 9mm and 12mm with other sizes and colours available to order.   Whether your home already has traditional leaded windows or you fancy a complete change of style we can reproduce any traditional lead pattern using self adhesive lead.

Add real character to door panels or window areas such as fan lights. 

We offer a complete design service to create a bespoke leaded pattern or coloured lead design for you. 

We can create beautiful borders in bevels or leads – or you can choose from standard diamond or box leading. The great thing about choosing leading is that practically any design is available. And we can easily match the design of your existing windows if only one or two windows need replacing.

The most common lead light designs are rectangular/square and diamond shaped designs. Other alternatives such as Tudor and Elizabethan designs are available.



Leaded line construction

The lead is applied to both sides of the outside piece of glass in a double glazed unit prior to assembly. Please note the lead is only ever applied to one of the two pieces of glass making a double glazed unit. The inside is usually left as clear glass in order to make internal cleaning easier. Coloured film may be used between the lead to create patterns and pictures often used for a glazed panel in entrance doors.

Lead Overlay Appearance Over Time, Grey Patina Traditional Look.

uncoated natural lead, which, when applied to the glass and exposed to the elements, will oxidise down to the traditional gun metal grey finish which is so familiar. The initial mirror finish gradually dulls down to form a natural grey patina. During this process, the lead may look discoloured with various colours appearing on the surface. Excess rainfall can cause spotting or white powdery deposits to form. This is normal.

The properties of lead are such that they will darken with time when exposed to the elements, new lead is naturally shinny and will darken with time, but the lead inside the glass is effectively sealed so will remain preserved. Some people are ok with this others want the aged authentic look inside. We can achieve this by the use of a specially treated aged effect lead that is so much darker.

The deposits can be wiped away but avoid polishing as this will mean the process will start again! Eventually the dull grey patina will develop. The time this will take is variable and dependant on weather, location, and other atmospheric conditions local to the installation.

Please be relaxed should you experience this phenomenon, as we have over 35-years history of lead design work; all lead develops to the same desired end result but at different speeds.



Lead line and Bevelled glass designs Custom made designs

Check out our decorative door glass that utilises  the lead overlay in combination of bevelled glass panels.

We can design and manufacture custom made decorative double glazing lead over lay units, please have a look at the the linked regaled brouchers for idea’s of standard decorative glass designs you might have seen before and are what you are looking for.