Framless Large  full glass shower wet room enclosure in northern irelandBath/shower Screens.

Designed to keep water within the shower area, shower door splash guards prevent the floor and walls of the bathroom from getting wet and messy, thus bringing down chances of water damage. Thus adding to the comfort and convenience of your space. These splash guards thus reduce the risk of mildew that might be found on otherwise wet spaces.

Glass Shower door splash guards vary in shapes and sizes and are installed in corners between wall and tub to prevent water and spills on your bathroom floor by holding water within the shower curtain and tub.

Why choose frameless?

Frameless designs have none of the usual metal framework so far more space and light appear reducing the need for extra lighting, less to clean, longer lasting as there is no frame to corrode over time or place for mildew to grow with the added benefit of adding value to your home.

Bespoke design service:

Framless full glass shower wet room enclosure in northern irelandAt APG we specialize in catering for the non-standard unique projects where a custom design, fabrication and local installation is required to bring you your dream shower enclosure, or where functionally only a custom made shower is possible. Thought our years of expertise working in glass and our skilled installers we will undertake this challenge and delivery your expectation every step of the way.

For the more creative buyer to incorporate their own design or replicate many more expansive designs. We take pride in delivering quality comprehensive solutions and working closely with our customer base to ensure complete project satisfaction.

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