Standard Double Glazing

As a double glazed unit is sealed, the space between the two panes of glass is filled with air in order to improve the insulation properties of the unit. Whilst air is considered a good insulator there are better options available.

For Optimum Thermal Insulation Use Argon Gas

At All Purpose Glazing we use argon gas as a filler for our insulated glass units. Argon gas is a colourless, odourless and tasteless gas that provides optimum thermal insulation whilst being both non-toxic and inert. Using argon gas in our products allows them to achieve a higher energy rating compared to units using air.

All of our sealed units hold BS EN1279 Part 3 pass certificates, meaning our sealed units comply with the legal requirements for the testing of rates at which gas leaks from a unit.

Products that Are Energy Efficient For Longer

Over time the concentration of gas present within an IGU decreases as it escapes, once the concentration falls below 80% the insulation properties are lost. Even after many years an All Purpose Glazing sealed unit will still retain 80% of the argon gas it was filled with during the manufacturing process. This helps to raise the internal glass temperature, eliminating condensation and providing eco-conscious consumers with a product that will reduce their energy consumption, thereby cutting energy costs.

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