We give our customers the choose in design and thermal performance.

Double glazing remains the most suitable specification of glazing for the majority of residential properties. Double glazing is more thermally efficient compared to single glazing due to the insulating cavity that is created by the two panes of glass, the intelligent properties of the glass itself and other materials and components that make up the ‘sealed unit’. 

Our units can be made up using a combination of either:

Low Emissivity Glass or “Low E glass” = Energy Saving Glass.

Solar Control Glass- Insulation Efficiency

Varying degrees of improved thermal insulation can be achieved by using such glasses as Pilkington K and Low E. If glass is thermally at risk then care must be taken to specify toughened glass. The harmful effects of ultra violet radiation can also be reduced whilst letting in solar heat. In addition specialist films can be adhered to the glass to further increase thermal insulation whilst adding to the security of the product and the premises.

This product is designed with a transparent metallic coating on one side which helps insulate your home by keeping as much heat inside as possible by reflecting heat back into the room rather than allowing it to escape through the window. Low-E Energy Saving Glass can only be used in glazing as part of a Double Glazed Unit. APG stock both of the two options when it comes to this low–e product, these are called Hard Coat and Soft Coat.

Decorative Glass

Our windows offer beautifully bespoke designs, with a stunning range of glass choices in every style and finish, to perfectly match your home. You can gain an innovative and distinctive look with Georgian bars in a variety of grid designs – they sit between the two glass panes for an easy clean and exceptional finish. Or you can enhance your home with our extremely popular square or diamond lead designs. We have a variety of classic and timeless designs in a standard lead or extravagant gold finish so your windows can be as personal as your home, with design flourishes and individual touches.

Obscure  glass: providing privacy for bathroom windows double glazed units. 


We stock and Supply Pilkington Obscure Textured glass to  Ireland and the UK  these options are used to create different levels of privacy:

Georgian Bar Double Glazing

Georgian style double glazed sealed units with an internal bar to give the effect (at a distance) of separate sealed units.
This popular feature is always in demand as it combines stylish traditional looks, with an easy to clean, low maintenance finish, for more information on our Georgian bar double glazing.

Leaded overlay double glazing glass

Leaded windows can enhance a property of any age with character and charm. A wide choice of leaded window designs are available to closely match your existing windows, check out our lead overlay double glazing page, we can also make traditional lead came leaded lights in our stained glass studio.


Solar Control Glass

During winter Pilkington K and Low E glass can reduce heat loss fro m within your home and also still allow high levels of valuable free solar rays to heat your home. However in hot weather this characteristic can make a building be reliant on air conditioning to maintain a comfortable working environment.

Solar control glass provides the best of both words see diagram below Annealed, Toughened or Laminated glass can have a coating applied to provide a high performance Solar Control glass. It has a slightly bluish tint that enhances visual comfort by filtering light and offers good solar control performance, therefore keeping rooms cool during sunny periods. Particularly useful on conservatory roofs, and large windows and doors.

Self-Cleaning, Low Maintenance Glass.

A transparent coating applied onto the outside surface of the glass harnesses the power of both the sun and rain to efficiently remove dirt and grime such as dried water marks and dust which is then washed away by rain, thus making it environmentally friendly and very easy to maintain. It is an excellent choice for areas of glazing that are hard to reach. Click here for more information on self cleaning glass coating by APG.

Reproduction Restoration Sheet Glass

Today, there are no companies practicing the art of processing mouth blown sheet glass for the timber window and door industries. We are able to produce very similar effects to the old mouth blown glass by using various types of restoration glass associated with different periods. The restoration glass has many of the characteristic of the old glass such as uneven bulges, drawn lines and seeds (air bubbles). When restoration glass is combined with the construction of Heritage Slim IGU’s, it gives old world effect but at the same time meeting current building control which is much preferred by heritage and conservation bodies.

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