Schott Miroguard Glass in Northern IrelandSCHOTT MIROGARD® has gained a reputation all over the world for guaranteeing the highest possible viewing
enjoyment with art. This high-grade special glass is manufactured using the Sol-Gel process in the world’s most advanced dip-coating plant. It is absolutely color-neutral and free from irritating reflections. In other words: when viewed under normal circumstances, SCHOTT MIROGARD® glass is as good as invisible. It’s no wonder that the world’s leading museums and galleries place their confidence in the proven quality that SCHOTT MIROGARD® offers.

SCHOTT MIROGARD® is an anti-reflective, completely transparent glass for use in glazing pictures. In addition it is available in two versions: MIROGARD® plus and MIROGARD® Protect, which also features enhanced UV-protection:

Schott Mirogard Waterwhite® Anti-Reflective glass.

Schott Mirogard Display glass in ireland by all purpose glazing

Virtually no reflections

Conventional glass reflects about 8% of light. This results in an undesirable mirror effect. With SCHOTT’s optical interference coated anti-reflective glass, reflections are reduced to approx. 1%. In other words, they disappear almost completelySchott Mirogard Water white picture frame Display Glass in Northern Ireland

Maximum transparency

Normal glass allows for light transmission of only 91%. With SCHOTT MIROGARD®, this figure increases to 99%. In other words,
MIROGARD®, MIROGARD®plus and MIROGARD Protect® are nearly invisible under normal viewing circumstances. The result: the brilliance of colors in works of art is reproduced without any losses in quality.

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MIRORGARD Plus® – UV Protection.Schott Mirogard UV protection Display Glass in Northern Ireland

Extra clear low iron float glass with antireflective coating on both surfaces, produced in a dip-coating process based on optical interference systems.

UV radiation protection

While it is only 2 mm or 3 mm thick, it uniquely combines protection against UV radiation and outstanding anti-reflective properties with unaltered color rendering. The residual reflection of MIROGARD® plus is bluish in color.

MIRORGARD® Protect / laminated security/safety glass.

Antireflective coating laminated glass made from two pieces of extra clear low iron float glass with antireflective coating on one surface, laminated with a special UV-absorbing interlayer. Anti-reflection glass is a laminated safety glass that absorbs 99 percent of harmful UV radiation. In addition the glass shields works of art from vandalism and damage caused by splintering in the event of glass breakage.

Schott Mirogard Display glass in derry city  ireland by all purpose glazing northern ireland Schott Mirogard picture frame and Display glass in derry city  ireland by all purpose glazing

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