Glass Template Guide Necessary For  Custom Shaped Stove Glass Spare Parts:

Quality online stove glass cut to size ceramic stove glass UK and ireland buy Schott Robax stove glass online

  1. Make two templates of the glass that you require from paper – one to send to us and one for you to keep as a copy. (The glass will be cut to this shape, so you need to make sure that it is accurate). Click here for some guidance on making a glass template  
  2. Email us at to request an order number for your bespoke custom shaped stove glass.
  3. We will reply by email giving you an Order number. We will ask you to send off your template with your order number attached.Stove Glass Cut to Size glass replacement new stove glass UK and Ireland Buy stove glass online cut glass made to measure
  4. Within 1-2 days you will receive a quote by email or sooner by phone for your custom shaped stove glass.
  5. To place your order please phone us on  Call us on 02871 357 444
  6. The Custom shaped glass will be sent to you in approximately 5 working days.

Our Custom shaped stove glass is 4mm thick ceramic glass is of the highest quality to gurantee you peace of mind when it comes to fire safety we only supply market leading Robax ceramic stove glass . As the glass has been specially cut for you it is non-returnable.

stove glass Replacement broken Flat glass for coal and wood burning stoves in Northern IrelandIMPORTANT! If your stove has a curved glass window (by which we mean convex) then we cannot supply custom cut glass, we will need the exact make and model number.
Stove glass cut to any size and specification, we use the best heat resistant glass on the market from Scott Robax the industry leader in heat resistant glass stove glass cut to any size, we use the best heat resistant glass on the market from Scott Robax the industry leader in heat resistant glass. To order custom shaped stove glass spare parts replacement glass for your stove  Call us on 02871 357 444, or e-mail us and we’ll call you back!

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