All Purpose glazing designs,fabricate and installs a wide range of glass balustrades.

Glass bespoke balustrades systems, which offer an attractive, sophisticated and contemporary look, becoming increasingly popular in today’s working and living space. They are becoming the modern way to safely improve any staircase or walk way.

Glass balustrades can be installed for staircases, balconies and terraces are a very modern yet elegant option without interrupting that all important view, adding style and functionality to define boundaries and ensure safety while having ease of cleaning. Whether your project is commercial or private.

We have a strong track record in designing and installing bespoke glass balustrade solutions tailored to a particular project or building. Our track record of delivering these systems spans to a varied customer base from Architects working on commercial office spaces, retail, schools and local authorities as well as to the self-build market

Our Balustrades can be clear or sandblasted with a design of your choosing. We are able to fit the balustrade using stainless steel fixings to create a modern look, or use hidden channeling to create a clean and sleek look. We are able to supply all of the stainless steel fixings/ channels required to install your balustrade.

Handrails are available should you require them.

We make sure that our installations comply with the current Building Regulations.

Balustrades: Glazing

Toughened or Laminated toughen glass is installed into glass balustrades. These safety glasses are used for unframed assemblies, structurally-loaded applications, and many other building structures where there may be a danger in the event of human impact.

Before the toughening process, toughened glass must already be in its desired shape as any cutting of the glass after would result in it “exploding” into the broken cubes. It cannot be re-worked once toughened therefore polishing the edges or drilling holes in the glass happens prior to the toughening process.


Why purchase from APG? We manufacture our own glass and have qualified glaziers experienced in balustrade fabrication.

Unlike many companies offering bespoke glass, we have our own processing factory sporting the latest in glass C.N.C. technology, giving us the ability to produce glass to the highest quality in the shortest amount of time, for the lowest price. Cut out the middle man and come straight to the manufacturer.

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