Classic Lead Designs

Utilizing an overlay system we can accurately recreate the look of traditional stained glass, design innovative contemporary decorative glass or produce a simple leaded window or door panel. We have an excellent reputation for the design and manufacture of all self adhesive leadwork, whether it be squares, diamonds, squares, simple borders or more classical, Victorian, Edwardian, Art deco and modern styles.

Overlay will cost less than traditional Stained glass. We can reproduce any traditional lead pattern using self adhesive lead. We have something to suit any home Choose from a wide variety of self adhesive lead only patterns, whether diamonds, squares, or simple borders, we have a design to suit any home. Colour lead units are also our specialty from our standard range with many more options available including your own designs which our experienced staff would be happy to advise you on.


Design and manufacture:

Using special techniques we provide stained glass overlay panels and mirrors that are tailor made to your individual requirements. Every piece commissioned is designed and handmade in our factory by our experienced and highly skilled decorative glass artists ensuring the highest quality and finish. Self adhesive lead is available in 4mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm widths in silver, aged, gold, and many other colours. Flat or oval with soldered joints optional.

From initial concept a detailed drawing is prepared. The design is then presented to the client for approval prior to manufacture thus ensuring that every detail is to the customer’s satisfaction upon completion of the project.

Traditional stained glass is something special,but has limited applications. Using overlay you are able to create stunning works of art that are compatible with true traditional stained glass, but with the benefits that Overlay offers:

Our designers have at their disposal an extensive range of products with which to create stunning decorative glass. For further information please contact us on 02871 357 444 or drop us an email and we will get back to you with our recommendations based on our many years of experience and industry knowledge.