New innovative nanoscale technology for the external glass pane, and is more scratch resistant than standard glass, and also provides an incredible Self Cleaning Action.

This microscopic uneven surface prevents a drop of rain from spreading out to wet the surface and forces it to form a spherical ball or globule of water which will run off at any angle taking away any dirt particles, providing a self cleaning action.

APG supply and install durable, coated, neutral coloured, self-cleaning glass. Compared to ordinary float glass it provides clearer vision during and after rainfall and also requires less frequent cleaning. It has good scratch resistance and durability, and in most circumstances can be treated the same as ordinary float glass.

Under normal conditions the unique coating destroys organic contaminants and increases the water sheeting action on the coated surface. This allows dirt to be washed easily from the surface and should greatly reduce the need for manual cleaning.

Whilst the self cleaning nanostructure coating has dust resistant properties, when there are long periods of dry weather with some atmospheric contamination the glass can be easily cleaned with the application of water or where bird dropping are a problem warm water and detergent.

Please note that any chemical or corrosive cleaner should not be used on the nanostructure self cleaning coating surface, as visual damage may occur and will invalidate our guarantee.

The manufacturing of self-cleaning insulated double glazed units is usually incorporated with high performance low E emissivity glass. With our unique u-value analyses computer programme, we are able to produce high performance insulated glass units using argon or Krypton Gas and warm edge spacer bars.

We can produce these products for multiple glazing requirements be it new build or renovation of old windows, doors or roofs. We are proud to be specialists in the supply and installation of Heritage Slim® double glazing. These units can be installed in Upvc, aluminium, wood or metal. At the manufacturing stage of windows, doors and roofs, make sure that the rebates are adequate to except double glazed units including glazing compounds and seals.

To ensure we acquire the best quality with consistent delivery, both Pilkington glass and Saint-Gobain glass are our preferred suppliers for self-cleaning and low E emissivity glass options. For further information please contact us on 02871 357 444