Sometimes called frosted glass.

Sandblasting is the precision method of propelling very fine sand particles at high velocity on to the glass surface to render the glass opaque. This can be used for everything from a total frosted look to simple boarders, fine text (including house names), company logos, floral or abstract designs, essentially anything the customer may be able to imagine from traditional pieces to more edgy, contemporary designs.

The whole process is completed in house, from the stencils (created using the latest CAD software), through to the final product. Here at APG we can discus any designs or patterns and create a hand made decorative glass panel for you.

Sandblasting is a hugely versatile and effective form of glass decoration. Please contact us to discuss design possibilities or any ideas you
may have. Sandblasted glass is ideal for windows, glass screens and manifestations on glass partitions and glass doors. It is a very effective method of accurately reproducing lettering, logos and decorative patterns on corporate signs and interior fixtures.

Finished pieces can also be protected with Clearsheild technology. This prevents smearing and the build up of fingerprints, watermarks
and lime scale.

All Purpose Glazing Art department work diligently to bring elegance, identity, style and sophistication to a range of products, including glass signs, mirrors, glass doors, windows, glass partitions and screens, splashbacks and glass shower screens.

We take pride in delivering complete solutions and working closely with our customer base in Ireland, Ireland and the UK  to ensure complete project satisfaction. Call us today for any advice or guidance you may need on glass and glazing products.

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