Antique Mirror made to your Design

Creating an authentic decorative retro effect on mirrors that extends design options for interior design. Our Antique mirror is developed to feature a antique pattern that is calm and consistent. Designed to never feel obtrusive without huge splotches or flares which may detract from the desired effect as a provide the authentic effect of an aged mirror, but which greatly extend the creativity available to designers by being produced to the latest quality manufacturing and environmental standards.

We have different colours of the glass, ensuring that at least one will go perfectly in any design plan. We are very proud of the quality and aesthetic of this product.

Bevelled Antique Mirrors  

Another benefit of a good bevelled mirror is the ability to make a room look bigger and more spacious. It can also give more light and brightness to an otherwise dull room. It gives an object or room the effect of depth as the mirror looks like it is mounted on another invisible mirror. The cut edges also refract light, acting like a prism and creating a stunning rainbow light effect.

Bevelled mirrors are available in many shapes with a host of innovative design options beyond just rectangular. There are some really special options, such as utilising a circular mirror with bevelled edge that looks serrated, giving an effect of sun rays. Another option is to have the bevelled edges engraved with floral designs or inscriptions.

Antique Distressed Mirror

Offering true retro-appearance for interior designers, they are ideal for applications such as large wall spans in interiors. 

Applications for Interior designers using Antique Mirror Glass

• Busy public areas such as lobbies, staircases, lifts and other high traffic, stylish commercial interiors
• In small decorative styling details and inserts such as in bars, restaurants, hotels, theatres and retail environments
• As framed or unframed mirrors
• Wall paneling
• Doors
• Shelves
• Backsplashes
• Cabinet inserts
• Table toppers
• Furniture inserts
• Wall installations

Durable Maintenance Free Quality  Glass

Manufactured by one of Europe’s leading glass manufacturers means that the appearance of our aged mirrors may be achieved over large areas with consistent quality throughout. Furthermore, this also ensures that the product has excellent environmental credentials, is highly durable and easy to maintain.  High quality, corrosion-resistant, silvered mirrors manufactured in accordance with the provisions of Standard EN 1036.

Large Sheet Sizes

Large custom size capability antique mirror is crafted without limitations.  That means that large installations have fewer seams, and sheet optimization is more efficient.

Processing and alterations

The versatility of the products extends through their ability to be processed using the latest techniques including cutting alternative sizes, glass thicknesses, drilled holes and cut-outs, edgeworking, sand blasting designs etching, acid etching, tempering, and additional fabrication are all available upon request.

Safety Film Application Allows For Classic Feel In Any Environment.

may be specified with a protective plastic film applied to the back of the mirror for use in high traffic areas and others where impact may be a possibility.


Supplying Antique Mirrors  Throughout Ireland

Our Showroom and factory is located at the Glass works, Skeoge industrial estate Derry City Northern Ireland, we have expanded and developed both our product ranges and glazing capabilities over the years and now offer our services to all areas of Ireland, the United kingdom and internationally.

Call us on 02871 357 444, or e-mail us online regarding your glass Mirror and we’ll call you back!