A glass with all the benefits of toughen glass and crystal clear finish.

Toughened glass is float glass that has been through a rigorous heating & cooling procedure, this procedure makes toughened glass 5x stronger than float glass. It is commonly used for glazed doors, low level windows (below 800mm) tabletops and glass shelving etc. If broken, toughened glass will shatter into hundreds of tiny pieces that do not have the jagged sharp edges associated with broken float glass. It is important to remember that once glass has been through the toughening process, it is impossible to cut or alter again as the glass will shatter if broken or cut in anyway.

Additional benefits.


Interior glazing of doors glass partitions, glass stairs, balustrades and shower enclosures. Exterior glass facades, because of low iron toughen glass’s ability to achieve greater brilliance and transparency, allowing a clear and true representation of colours when viewed through the glass. These same qualities also allow for great interior daylight, ideal in buildings where transparency and brightness are of paramount importance as well as being a strong conforming to all the required building regulations as a safe breaking glass in the event of accidental human impact.

Glass furniture and UV bonding including aquariums and Vivariums. Where this extra clear class will allow more natural light and true colours to not be tinted, Where glass edges are purposely exposed, for example glass tables, shelving and shower screens, its clarity enhances the entire appearance of the end product.

For example display cabinets, the high light transmission  allows for a true representation of the potentially high-value products inside. Its inherent ability to make colours appear brighter also means that this glass provides an exceptional base glass for tiles, splash-backs and furniture doors, and gives more accurate colour definition when used as a mirror base.

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