We offer a comprehensive range of physical security glass that is intruder resistant products that meet a range of international quality standards depending on what level of protection that is required we can supply quality systems, including BSEN365.

Physical security glass is laminated glass, manufactured using multiple panes of glass and a flexible interlayer which is bonded in between the panes of glass. Enhanced security is achieved by increasing the number and/ or thickness of glass layers and interlayers.

All Purpose Glazing can offer physical resistant glass ranging in thickness depending on the risk assessment. The minimum is 3 ply lamination, strengthened by added additional interlayers. Typical applications are areas vulnerable to the possibility of break in or physical attack.

The performance is depends on the frame type and method of fixing which combine to ensure that the specified performance is achieved.For further information please contact us on 02871 357 444 or drop us an email and we will get back to you with our recommendations based on our many years of experience and industry knowledge.