Buy Glass Stove Hearths Made To Measure In UK & Ireland

Glass Stove Hearths Made To Measure In Ireland

We are the leading Northern Ireland manufacturer and retailer of contemporary bespoke designed glass hearths. Constructed of 12mm thick toughened glass available in a clear glaze glass hearth /or coloured glass floor plate for most modern stoves. These are superficial hearths designed to be used in conjunction with current building regulations in Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland. They can only be used in conjunction with stoves that do not raise the hearth temperature above 100°C.

Glass hearths are a great option especially if you have a nice timber floor. Why not show the beauty of the timber while protecting it at the same time. We aim ensure all our customers only receive the best products available on the market that perfectly suit any property with a clean modern look by complementing a traditional floor.

Highest Quality Made In Ireland Glass Hearths- Superficial Hearths 

Can manufacture our glass hearths of different thicknesses of heat resisitant toughened glass, as standed we supply 12mm, either standard float glass or low iron ultra clear class with a quality polished edge to ensure safe and stylish end product. 

Our glass hearths and floor plates are the perfect compliment to your contemporary stove and look fantastic when used under stoves with log stores or pedestals. We have  a wide variety of glass floorplates for stoves in many designs, shapes and colours. We also offer bespoke designs to match your requirements whether you need custom cut shapes, etched edges or certain finishes, contact us as there is not much that we can not do to customise the class to meet your specifications. 

Contemporary Designed Glass Hearths With In House Processing Offering Full Customised Decourative Glass Floor Plates

Toughened to protect against the heat, glass floor plates offer an attractive and distinctively modern look to a hearth. Available in multiple sizes and colours to suit your stove and décor.  In terms of bespoke sizing, we know no two homes are alike, you will often need something cut to size to suit your requirements. We have the ability to cut, shape and polish a glass hearth to suit your needs and create something truely unique and eye catching. 

We Stock A Range Of Glass Hearths Of Standard Sizes 

Please note glass hearths can be made in any size or shape to meet your requirements.

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Coloured Glass Floor Plates Any RAL Colour

Our glass floor plates can be back painted to add style and variety to match the colour scheme of your room or whatever colour takes your fancy. You may wish to match the floor plate with a piece of furniture, curtains, or a painting on the wall. By having a coloured glass floor plate the area directly around the stove becomes more clearly defined, so adding extra impact to the room. You may choose a colour that blends with the stove, alternatively, you may decide to go for a complete contrast.

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Glass Hearth Plates Building Regulations-Superficial hearth – Heat Resisitant 12mm Thick Thoughened Glass Stove Floorplates

*Ensure that your chosen stove is suitable for installation onto a 12mm hearth and does not produce a temperature of 100 Degrees Celcius or above.

Glass Stove Hearths Made To Measure In Ireland Glass Floor Plates Superficial Hearths Northern Ireland

A typical constructional hearth needs to be 225mm total thickness including a concrete base and decorative top. With the introduction of the 100°C regulation a new definition of hearth was introduced, the superficial hearth. This maintains that stoves projecting a hearth temperature of less than 100°C can be placed onto a combustible floor with a non-combustible material between them with a minimum thickness of 12mm, effectively setting the stove free from the fireplace and allowing you to place it almost anywhere in a room provided it projects less than 100°C downwards, and a 12mm superficial hearth exists between the stove and a combustible floor.

If your stove is freestanding in a room and therefore NOT going into a recess under a chimney, AND the stove is independently certified not to heat the hearth underneath it to more than 100 degrees centigrade (many stoves available), then hearth regulations are very simple as no constructional hearth is required: allowing a minimum 12mm thick non-combustible superimposed hearth straight onto the floor.

In this case the hearth must be a minimum size: 840mm x 840mm. There must also be a minimum 150mm of hearth at each side and rear of the stove and a minimum 225mm in front of the stove door (best practice is 300mm and if the stove is designed to burn with doors open then 300mm is a MUST).

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Our team of expert technicians can provide valuable advice to you regarding your glass floorplate if you need it. Speak to a member of our sales team for further help and assistance with our bespoke service or if you require any additional assistance.