Back light modern kitchen Glass counter and table top in IrelandA perfect alternative work top surface in any modern kitchen. Glass is waterproof, durable to wear and hygienic.

We are specialists in manufacturing and installing toughened glass kitchen splashbacks and worktops, even matching chopping boards. Glass splashbacks must be considered whether you are designing a new kitchen or simply updating your old one, our glass splashbacks and worktops add a sense of style and class to any home.

Glass Work surfaces Kitchen Glass Northern Ireland

Toughened colourd glass has become most practical modern material for work surfaces in the modern home.

This medium allows for personalisation of any kitchen. Extremely hygienic, durable and completely non porous it will not stain or harbour bacteria. Our and worktops will stay looking stunning for years with minimum maintenance. Unlike wood and Granite it does not need regularly oiling to keep it looking good

Popular thickness options include 10mm and 19mm toughened with polished edges it can be cut to accommodate undermount and inset sinks and hobs and the choice of colours is almost limitless.

Painted glass splash back samples in derry city and Northern IrelandGlass splash backs Northern Ireland

Low iron glass toughen glass table tops made to measure in donegal and ireland by all purpoe glazing best of glass

Glass splashbacks are great for adding a touch of sophistication to any room. In the kitchen they can be functional as well as stylish. They protect the wall from spills and are easily maintained.

Glass is the perfect material for modern kitchens strong, hygienic, heat resistant and designed as a safety glass that if broken will break into small cubes not dangerous shards.

We use a usually use 6mm toughened glass, this will bring a smooth clean look of uninterrupted glass, matched with the capability of being personalised using literally thousands of colour, printed and patterned options we can deliver a style that completes your perfect kitchen.

Glass splashbacks can also be used in the bathroom behind the sink and even in the bedroom or any other room in the home. Many people treat them as wall art, since glass splashbacks are available in a wide range of striking colours. Get them in bright colours, to muted pastels, metallic and designer patterns, they give a smooth sleek finishing touch that adds exclusivity to any space.

We can create custom made shaped splash backs and cut out to match any configuration for your sinks and features. Our Splashbacks are manufactured using toughened safety glass. They have polished edges, to ensure safety.

Glass tiles and kitchen up stands   

We can also make and match your kitchen upstands and counter tops to the glass splash backs so that a continuious design is created to make your kitchen complete. 

Toughen Glass breakfast bars 

Our custom made toughened glass breakfast bars create a stylish and functional surface in the kitchen. Metal and chrome supports are available or we use UV Bonding technology to create an Invisible bond between the glass and support. Glass used for this purpose is generally 10 or 19 mm in thickness in either clear or low iron glass we can also personalise this glass in many ways similar to our splash backs ranges and processing.

Not only do breakfast bars succeed within the home environment they are also becoming more prevalent within commercial settings such as receptions, bars and restaurants.


Our Showroom and Factory is Located at the Glass works, Skeoge industrial estate Derry City Northern Ireland, we have expanded and developed both our product ranges and glazing capabilities over the 30 years of working in this industry and now offer our services to all areas of Ireland, the United kingdom and internationally.

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For further information please Contact us today on 02871 357 444. -or-  E-mail us.