Ballistic Glass is used to protect people and property from bullets.

The glass performs a dual function. First it absorbs the energy of the fired bullet, forcing it to pass through multiple layers of robust materials and secondly traps the bullet in the unit, preventing it from penetrating through.

A laminated glass manufactured using several layers of glass of various thicknesses, bonded together with tough interlayers. The overall thickness is governed by a risk assessment of the “threat level” specified.

Our most resistant glass will combine additional layers of glass clad polycarbonate. This combines the chemical and abrasion resistance of glass with the impact resistance of polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is used as it offers 250 times the impact strength of glass

The key advantage of this over standard laminated glass products is that the weight of the bullet resistant glass is greatly reduced whilst improving the applications of the lighter composite material. With a “low spall” rear face to give maximum protection from flying glass splinters.

When assaulted the first layers of glass are designed to shatter and absorb the impact force, subsequent layers absorb the lower level shock waves. Our glass provides protection to many high risk military installations, government buildings, embassies and VIP residences.

Ballistic Glass supplied and installed across Northern Ireland

The glasses performance depends on the frame type and method of fixing which combine to ensure that the specified performance is achieved. The glass is tested under the worst case conditions and assumes the assailant aims square to the glass and can group the strikes in a tight pattern. This has been designed in line with standard EN 1063. 

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