Laminated glass is suitable whenever security or safety is a priority.Opti-white low iron laminated toughen glass in northern ireland Local glass merchant and processor

Laminated Glass is a safety and security glass, typically made up of one or more interlayers of PVB, sandwiched between two panes of glass. These components are bonded by heat and pressure creating a composite high performance product. The PVB interlayer has its own unique properties such as its adhesion to glass, elasticity and impact resistance. This ensures that when the glass is broken the glass does not shatter into large pieces but maintains its integrity.

Beneficial features of Laminated Glass:

Can conform to security glazing standards (e.g. EN 356) in addition to safety glass requirements (EN 12600).

Security/ Anti-Bandit Glass

Laminated glass can perform many functions including safety, security, bullet and blast resistance. Anti-bandit glass is composed of multi layers of glass and a corresponding number of  inter-layers.Security Glass Anti banit laminated safety glass in Derry City and  Northern Ireland

Application of Laminated Glass:

It is used in many commercial, public and domestic applications to prevent potential injury. it can found in exterior storefronts, curtain walling and windows, overhead glazing, doors, low-level glazing, skylights, balustrades, balcony’s, low level glazing, tables and counter tops. In addition to these laminated glass can also be used in schools, hospitals, governmental buildings and prisons where safety is as important as security.

Laminated glass For government buildings

As a general principle laminated glass should be specified for all new works as it provides a significant improvement in blast resistance for a minimal increase in cost. Compliance with Building Regulations for heat loss generally dictates the use of double glazed units which are able to accommodate the increase in thickness required for laminated glass. For government buildings any deviation from this must be approved by the Departmental Security Officer.

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