Decorative Glass Mirrors Made To Measure Supplied In Ireland

Any Size Mirror Cut to Size Large Mirror mirror glass stockist online mirrors northern ireland glass mirrorThere are mirror glasses to suit every situation, from plain and tinted to mirrors aged and distressed to mimic the ravages of time. They can be cut to any shape or size, and enhanced with different edge finishes. We stock Mirrors in all shapes, sizes and styles, guaranteeing you’ll find the perfect mirror for any location, from basic bathroom mirrors, to bespoke mirrors and truly unique, custom-made designs made exactly how you want.

Decorative wall mirrors are an easy way to instantly transform a dull wall. Use large wall mirrors to create a dramatic focal point in the living room, over a mantelpiece or to lift a dark hallway. We call them decorative mirrors but they are very practical, too. They’re things that you use every day. You spend a lot of time looking at them, so it’s worthwhile getting something that you like and that will add to the décor of your home.

A beautiful free standing or dressing mirror will also make an attractive and very practical addition to any bedroom. So whether your taste is for ornate wall mirrors or something a little simpler. We stock a fantastic selection of polished mirrors of a wide variety of shapes and sizes, providing a cost effective option for a range of different home and commercial settings.

Bathroom Mirrors 

Adding a mirror is a great way to make your bathroom look bigger, brighter and bring the light in

Wall Mirrors 

Add the finishing touch to your wall with our range of wall mirrors, available framed or frameless

Full Length Mirrors 

Visually stunning and physically impressive in any space, the large mirrored surface will enhance the natural light in your living space. Look and feel good from head to toe, and see both at the same time, with a full length mirror.  Decorative full-length mirrors can be a central design feature that draws the eye and enhances any décor. The mirror’s decorative style combined with its size can enable it to possess a really awe-inspiring look. The exact mirror you will need depends largely upon the space where you want to put the mirror. For places like your hall, lounge, corridors or bedrooms, there will be different options

Polished Mirrors

Our beautiful range of polished edge mirrors provide a sleek look to many frameless mirrors of varying shapes and sizes. Polished mirrors produce high quality and amazing style in both decorative and functional terms. By providing a polished edge to a mirror, it’s a perfect alternative to a frame, allowing all the focus to be on the central glass piece, but providing a smooth surround for safety and style purposes.

Bevelled Mirror

Soft, visually stunning and continually stylish, a bevelled mirror is an ideal option for many homes. To bevel a mirror is to cut or reduce the right-angled edge of a mirror to a gently sloping one or a different angle. This is done through a glass-bevelling machine that slants off the edge of the mirror by cutting. The thickness and design of the mirror determines its dimensions

Adding an elegance and glamour to any wall or room, a bevelled mirror can fit effortlessly into many different types of décor. Due to their slanted edges, you don’t even need to mount the mirror within a frame, as the edges are beautiful enough. Bevelled mirrors are also safe when mounted on walls, as the edges have been polished off so they don’t have any sharp cutting edges.

Antique Decorative Mirrors

Creating an authentic decorative retro effect on mirrors that extends design options for interior design, find our more on our dedicated antique mirror page. Antique mirror has become increasingly popular in modern interior design, with many bars and restaurants undergoing renovations choosing to use antique mirrors to spruce up the interior. It really lifts a tired décor and adds a great air of sophistication to any space.

Decorative Brass Gold and Silver Mirrors 

we aim to please our customers by supplying and installing a stunning range of mirrors for domestic and commercial use. Commercially, mirrored tiles in various areas are very popular in clubs, bars, shops and offices. They also offer endless possibilities for home interiors such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Mirrored walls create a feeling of light and space especially in areas such as dark niches and hallways. We offer a variety of different colours.

Supplying Decorative Mirrors Throughout Ireland

Our Showroom and factory is located at the Glass works, Skeoge industrial estate Derry City Northern Ireland, we have expanded and developed both our product ranges and glazing capabilities over the years and now offer our services to all areas of Ireland, the United kingdom and internationally.

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