Blast Resistant Glazing in Blast Enhanced Frames

Where a greater level of blast resistance is require. An additional enhancement incorporating a specially designed framing system is required to keep the bomb blast glazing in place and shield the inner room form glass shards, fragmentation and shock forces.

  • Designed in accordance with the agreed threat and acceptable hazard level. – Other designed combinations of toughened and/or laminated glass or polycarbonate can be specified with appropriately designed and tested frames and fixings.
  • For large window dimensions thicker DGU’s are required to give the same level of protection.
  • These will require to be held in suitable gaskets. With wider rebates or rebated which are well bedded clamped gasket or bonded with sealant to ensure that the glass with stands the explosive fore and shock waves from a blast. bonding will reduce the hazard range to about a quarter of that for plain annealed glass.
  • In all cases the surrounding structure and fixings must be capable of withstanding the increased loads expected in listing buildings specially made secondary glazing is the best option.
We have designed our blast resistant framing systems.
Enhanced Blast Resistance Secondary glazing system.

These reinforced superior window frame systems are designed to prevent the external glazing from entering the building and are either fixed within the window reveal or, where there is a reduced wall thickness, to the inner face of the wall.

Designed to be with the ability to open and allow access to the inside of the external glazing for cleaning and maintenance.

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