All Purpose Glazing stock and supply traditional glass for picture framing, we have been the preferred glass supplier for many picture framing shops and art galleries, independent artists and photographers based in Northern Ireland and across most of southern Ireland.

For some more information about the frame or glaze your art work please click here for the Tate Moderns guidance.  

“In selecting the most appropriate glazing for works of art on paper, or indeed for any work of art, the safety of the work itself is paramount……Glazing helps protect the artwork from touching, impacts, spillage and other physical accidents; dust and dirt, pollution, microbiological hazards; environmental extremes; and, in some cases, ultraviolet light.If glazing is judged to be desirable for the long term well being of an artwork, it is essential that the conservator is aware of all the options available before making a case for glazing and selecting the appropriate material.”

2mm clear float glass for picture framing.

2mm Clear Float Glass is the traditional and standard picture framing glass. Ideal for cutting practise, slides or picture frames. Picture Framing Glass is also available cut to size from our factory in Derry City, this glass is the most inexpensive but is reflective.

Sheet Size: 48″ x 36″ or 72″ x 48″

Diffused/ “non Reflective” Picture Glass.

A picture glass which is acid etched to give a non glare, diffused finish. Our diffused glass is acid etched on one side and is ideal for photographs especially in harsh lighting conditions. Diffused picture framing glass is the perfect option for reduced light reflection against the surface of the glass, resulting in a soft sheen rather than a harsh bright reflection for increased visibility of the framed print.

It is diffused which means it has a shot blasted quality to it.

It works well when placed near to the artwork and will diffuse the light.

However the diffused quality of this glass means a loss in clarity when viewing the image. Not suitable for box frames because it looks foggy when placed at a distance from the image.  It isn’t suitable for deep box framing or multi layered mounts over 3mm.

2.2mm diffused glass / Non-Reflective. Sheet Size:  48″ x 36″ Inexpensive and available in large sizes. 1220mm x 1830mm.

Specialist glass picture frame glass incorporating UV protection-A must for valuable or sensitive works of art.Schott Mirogard picture frame and Display glass in derry city ireland by all purpose glazingSchott Mirogard Display glass in ireland by all purpose glazing

Mirogard WaterWhite Glass is  anti reflective glass in 2mm, 3mm and 4mm. There is also Mirogard Plus which has a UV protective coating and Mirogard Protect, a 4.4mm laminated glass for ultimate protection, blocking 99% of harmful UV light and with low iron giving zero colour shift.

TruVue’s  Ultra Vue – Water White glass with (AR) Anti-Reflective properties (without UV protection)

TruVue’s Conservation Clear a 2.5mm float glass with a very high UV protection.

TruVue’s Museum glass which is fully non-reflective and uv protected is glass low iron glass  is  exceptionally clear type of glass that is “almost invisible”.

TruVue’s Reflection Control is an acid etched, low reflection glass that comes both with and without a UV coating.

TruVue’s Anti- Reflective Laminated Glass.
UltraVue® Laminated Glass provides 99% UV protection and anti-reflective optical viewing on a water white glass, all with the safety and security of a laminate. Similar to its other anti-reflective products, Tru Vue’s magnetron-sputtered anti-reflective coating is bonded to the lite at an atomic level. This ensures long-lasting protection that doesn’t oxidize and degrade over time.

We pride ourselves in the service we offer, quality of product and importantly how competitive our prices are, We are located at the Glass works, Skeoge industrial estate Derry City Northern Ireland, we can supply glass to all of Northern Ireland & Republic of Ireland.

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