In a bomb blast, a square metre of glass can produce up to 1,800 razor sharp fragments. These flying glass shards cause more damage, injury and death than the explosion itself.  it is an immediate and cost-effective retro-fit solution, which will not affect the historical or architectural integrity of a buildings appearance.

Anti-Shatter Film Security Window Films are designed to help hold the glass fragments together, reducing potential injury from flying glass. A stronger barrier is created, slowing down criminals by reducing the likelihood of window penetration to the point where they may choose to flee for an easier target. Used in normal window frames as a retrofit for existing annealed glass only where the windows cannot be replaced.

  • Scratch-resistant product improves the structural integrity of any window.
  • Deterrent to ‘smash and grab’ crime
  • Protection from flying glass in the event of a natural disaster, civil disturbance or bomb blast.
  • Safeguards your business, property, employees and members of the public.
  • Halves the stand-off range at which a Hazard would occur from flying annealed glass shards.
  • Optically clear film. Virtually undetectable to the human eye.
  • Blocks harmful UV rays, reduced fading of interior furnishings.
  • Scratch resistant, suitable for most non-abrasive window-cleaning methods.

The safety and security window films we sell are designed to make glass safer, both by strengthening it against breakage and helping hold dangerous shards of shattered glass in place when breakage does occur.When used in conjunction with edge-retention profiles, both enhanced security and blast protection can be achieved.

  • Class B: 100-micron is tested to EN 12 600 2B2 (BS 6206). This is for personal protection, i.e. if a person falls against the glass it will break safely.
  • Class A: 175-micron is tested to EN 12 600 1B1 (BS 6206). This is for blast protection, i.e. in the event of an explosion it will hold the glass together. 
  • Class A+: 200-micron, safety bomb blast mitigation tested and certified to EN 12600 Class 181
Anti-shatter film (ASF) is a quick and low cost method of providing added protection against the risk of injuries as a result of a bomb blast. For further information please contact us on 02871 357 444 or drop us an email and we will get back to you with our recommendations based on our many years of experience and industry knowledge.