Also called Neo angle Shower.

Ideal options for bathrooms with limited space, Quadrant shower enclosures are popular with homeowners for their utility in small bathrooms.One of the latest inventions in home improvements, give your house a completely new and stunning look.

Unique in design and elegant in style, Quadrant shower doors hinge upon parallel to the corner. Since they are not like regular showers, which run parallel to the back wall, they give you the additional advantage of making a completely separate cubicle for a corner shower.

An All Purpose Glazing Quadrant shower is Sleek and beautiful, these unique shaped doors add to the beauty of your bathroom, take minimum space, Our engineers create custom Quadrant shower enclosures that add to the décor of your bathroom, giving it a sleeK, stylish look!

Bespoke design service:

For the more creative buyer to incorporate their own design or replicate many more expansive designs. We take pride in delivering complete solutions and working closely with our customer base to ensure complete project satisfaction.

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